Taxis in Jamaica

Taxis are the most popular method of transportation for travelers, and can be summoned at any hotel, the airports, and most shopping areas. The rates for taxi rides are by the car, not by the passenger. There’s an extra 25% charge between midnight and 5 am.

Important: Most of Jamaica’s cabs are not metered so agree on a price before entering the taxi.

If you need to call for a taxi, contact the official carrier: Jamaica Union of Travelers Association or JUTA, 876-952-0813 in Montego Bay; 876/974-2292 in Ocho Rios; 876/957-9197 in Negril.

In general, fares are steep.

Many taxi drivers offer their services as island guides. If you accept a drivers offer for this service, be sure to agree on a price before the vehicle is put into gear. A one-day tour should run about $150 to $180, depending on distance traveled.

For your reference, here are taxi rates from Sandals Dunn's River Resort in 2007 (in US dollars):

ocho rios taxi fares